Halloween party in Wuhan ULC:Trick or treat?

Halloween which is once a year advents. Wuhan ULC carries out a series of fascinating activities. Let us find out what these are! 

At 5 p.m., volunteers came to the teaching building in advance for preparation of Halloween party.The classrooms that everyone is familiar with were recreated into a horrible ghost room.Props like Plasma,broken hands,the skeleton,and suspended spider web,plus “ghosts” made rooms fill with shrieks of participants. Unexpectedly,at the time math teacher Jeremy entered the room,he went through the room without any shock especially the special treatment of holding the ankle.Maybe it is because of his strong aura or simply the fear of being added the math homework.

Drama room was showing a horror movie.You would be scared if you watched alone.However,when you joined with your conversant classmates in gossiping about the unwise actions made by characters,all of your fears were diminished.

In the gallery,students who wore novel clothes became the dazzling scenery.Charming witches,monsters with mask and elegant elves stepped into our world from fairy tales.Even the cute Kumamon “sailed” to our land for celebrating the festival.Of cause,there were student who jumped out of the box.Ordinary people are actually the most horrible creatures in the unusualnight. 

The award of best make-up would certainly go to Miss Meg and Mr.Rambo who spent a whole afternoon in painting the make-up.According to unreliable sources,many people screamed out at first glance of them.Without doubt,the most beautiful idol would be “Miss.Morgen” who was unfortunately able to appear only once a year.The most unexpected participant award would surely be Miss.Erica.I who is a Whovian as Miss.Erica is was really looking forward to seeing her dressed up into Tardis.Yet,it might just be a trick of the chameleon system of Tardis.(Chameleon system is a protection system of Tardis which is a time machine.It can change the appearance of Tardis into any objects’. )

At the end of the party,everyone was reluctant to leave.They took pictures as souvenirs and promised to carry out another party next year.

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